- databases for immunodeficiency-causing variations

IDbases are locus-specific databases for immunodeficiency-causing variations. IDbases contain in addition to gene variation, also information about clinical presentation. Information has been collected from literature as well as received directly from researchers. We would be most glad if those analysing variations would send their information by using the interactive web submission available in each database. A number of articles have been published related to IDbases. IDbases are curated and distributed with proprietary MUTbase software suite.

We maintain 131  public IDbases
These databases contain altogether data for 7292  patients
Immunodeficiency variation databases maintained by others: 27  databases [ link list ]


idbases_1_2010.jpg SH2D1Abase STAT3base TYK2base FOXP3base IGHMbase RAG1base RAG2base DCLRE1Cbase LIG4base NHEJ1base TAP1base TAP2base CD8Abase LRRC8Abase AIREbase FOXN1base JAK3base PTPRCbase IL2RAbase IL7Rbase IGLL1base IGHMbase NFKBIAbase CD79Abase CD79Bbase BLNKbase IGHG2base TAPBPbase CD19base ICOSbase TNFRSF13Bbase IKBKGbase CD40base ICOSbase AICDAbase UNGbase IL12RB1base IFNGR1base IFNGR2base STAT1base CIITAbase RFX5base RFXAPbase RFXANKbase CD3Dbase CD3Ebase CD3Gbase ADAbase ORAI1base ZAP70base BTKbase BTKbase


Deficiencies predominantly affecting antibody production
Combined B and T cell immunodeficiencies
Defects in lymphocyte apoptosis
Other well-defined immunodeficiency syndromes
Defects of phagocyte function
Defects of innate immune system, receptors and signaling components
DNA breakage associated syndromes and DNA epigenetic modification syndromes

Piirilä H., Väliaho J., Vihinen M.
Immunodeficiency mutation databases (IDbases)
Hum. Mutat. 2006 Sep 26;27(12):1200-1208

IDbases are linked to University of California Santa Cruz (UCSC) Genome browser.
Giardine Hum Mutat. 2007 Feb 26;28(6):554-562

Last updated: 23.05.2014

MASP2base C1Sbase C1QAbase C1QBbase C1QCbase SERPING1base C3base C3base CFHbase CFIbase CFDbase CFPbase CFHbase CD55base C5base C6base C7base C8Bbase C8Bbase C9base