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NCF2 Reference Sequences
Sequence type Accession number Description
Genomic sequence IDRefSeq: D0100
DNA Sequences exons 1 and 2: EMBL: U00776
exon 3: EMBL: U00777
exon 4: EMBL: U00778
exon 5: EMBL: U00779
exon 6: EMBL: U00780
exon 7: EMBL: U00781
exon 8: EMBL: U00782
exons 9 and 10: EMBL: U00783
exon 11: EMBL: U00784
exon 12: EMBL: U00785
exons 13 and 14: EMBL: U00786
exon 15: EMBL: U00787
exon 16: EMBL: U00788
mRNA IDRefSeq: C0100
EMBL: M32011
Amino Acid Sequence P19878