Factor D deficiency

Gene Information


HUGO name: CFD


  • D component of complement (adipsin)
  • Complement factor D precursor
  • C3 convertase activator
  • Properdin factor D
  • Adipsin
  • DF


Reference sequences

Chromosomal location


Protein Information


Protein function:

Factor D cleaves factor B when the latter is complexed with factor C3b, activating the C3bb complex, which then becomes the C3 convertase of the alternate pathway. Its function is homologous to that of C1s in the classical pathway.

Catalytic activity:

Cleaves component factor B (arg-|-lys) when in complex with C3b or with cobra venom factor (CVF).

Structures (PDB)

1DFP Factor D Inhibited By Diisopropyl Fluorophosphate
1DST Mutant Of Factor D With Enhanced Catalytic Activity
1DSU Human Factor D, Complement Activating Enzyme


Other features

Signal peptide : 1-20

    Propeptide Activation peptide: 21-25

      Complement factor d: 26-253

        Disulfide bond : 51-67

          Disulfide bond : 148-214

            Disulfide bond : 179-195

              Disulfide bond : 204-229

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                Expression pattern for human

                Tissue Expression (%) Clones
                adipose, white adipose 33.11 1:268
                sciatic nerve 10.11 1:878
                pool, placenta 6.77 9:11805
                subchondral bone 6.62 1:1340
                gall bladder 3.63 1:2445
                grade-2-chondrosarcoma 3.36 1:2641
                lung metatastic chondrosarcoma 2.75 2:6458
                prostate 2.56 22:76215
                muscle, pectoral muscle 2.37 4:14979
                genitourinary tract 2.32 1:3824