VMD Image Gallery
B cells and Antibodies -basic structure of an antibody
Images of Immunoglobulin Molecules - a collection of Ig structures
Mouse IgG2a - a structure of a complete mouse IgG antibody.
Some models of human IgG1 - illustrating differences in human IgG isotype and allotype.
IgG functions - functional sites on the IgG molecule (complement and Fc receptor).
Mike's Animated molecules
Structural Biology Collection - molecular biophysics images by Theoretical and Computational Biophysics Group
Tan Lab, Picture and Movie Gallery Proteins
Protein report
Mozaic Proteins
Tertiary structure of MHC class II proteins
Blood Pictures - from Univ.of South Florida
Immunology Pathways - Biocarta: Charting Pathways of Life
Immunobiology animations - The Immune System in Health and Disease, 5th edition, Janeway et al
Cells alive -computer images of living cells by Quill Graphics