Introduction to KinMutBase

The aim of KinMutBase is to collect information about disease cousing variations apeared in kinase domains of kinases. Because of this purposes this database doesn't contain variations in other parts of kinases but kinase domain. Moreover polymorphism are also not included except some uncertain cases.
This database will be usefull if you want to know wether a certain disease coused by a variation in the kinase domain of an enzyme or if you want to check the reported cases of a certain variation. You will find crosslinks to other databases to make easy to find informations about genes or the articles in wich the variations were reported.


The site uses frames. In the left frame you find links to other databases on our servers containing variations in genes. You will find the IDR link usefull if you interested in immunodeficiencies.
The top frame will guide you to the main pages of the site so you can get the information you know where to find quickly.
Links pointing other pages of KinMutBase will open in the main frame. Links pointing out usually opening in a new window therefore you usually can come back to KinMutBase closing the new window.
If you have a variation you think we should include, you can fill the pdf form on Submission page and send back to us.

Recommended links:

 Recent results

Here you can find the description of the database at the time of our most recent pulication. (This article is outdated now and doesn't refer to the recent database.) Also the publications can be reached from here.


The main information source of KinMutBase. The details and analises of the KinMutBase can be reached from here.


The KinMutBase itself can be view as a single flat file.

 Links for other kinase resources

Links to other information sources for kinases.

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