IDbase Submission Instructions

Submission to IDbases

There are number of different ways to submit mutation data to the IDbases. We recommend using our electronic forms in the Internet, as they provide data checking services before submission procedure. This section presents some instructions for submitters. If you have any questions concerning submission, please contact IDbase maintainers.

Browser Requirements

The IDbase submission forms were created for the most common browsers (IE, Netscape, etc.). We recommend allowing both JavaScript and cookies in your browser.

Data Requirements

There are seven obligatory fields that should be filled for successful submission.

Name: Submitter names
E-mail: Submitter's email address
Reference sequence entry Select the correct sequence entry from the list. This field together with start number defines the position of the mutation. Please make sure that your reference sequence matches with the selected sequence (press view button). In case they differ, the position of the mutated nucleotides has to be defined from the selected sequence.
Type: Select mutation type from the list.
Start number: This is the position of the first changed nucleotide at the mutated
sequence compared to the selected reference sequence (see above).
Start number for insertions means, that inserted nucleotides are between previous nucleotide and "start number" nucleotide.
Reference seq: Altered or deleted nucleotides. For insertions this field is leaved empty.
Variant seq: New nucleotides. For deletions this field is leaved empty.

Using form facilities

In case your publication has already been included in Pubmed database, download the reference information by adding the PMID number to PubMed
field and click the Download button.

You can open the selected reference sequence to the other window by
clicking the View button.

At the end of the form are three buttons.

Reset button clears all fields of the form adding default values.

Test button shows how your database entry would appear. It is strongly recommended to test mutation data before submitting it. Feel free to use it as many time as required.

Submit button sends your data to us for further handling. The preliminary entry will be sent to the submitter by email. Please check your information again and repeat submitting if there are missing, inaccurate or erroneous data.


1. Point mutation in an exon. Adenosine (A) at position 120 in the reference sequence is altered to guanine (G)

2. Deletion of an adenosine (A) at position 120 in the reference sequence.

3. Insertion of a guanine (G) between nucleotide cytosine (C) at position 119 and adenosine (A) at position 120.

4. Complex mutation: Two nucleotides CA deletion at 119 and one nucleotide G insertion at the same position.

5. Intron mutation. It is possible to submit intron mutations at DNA level. Please write the description of mutation consequences at RNA level to the comment field, if they are known.

6. Other mutations. If there are large undefined deletions or insertions, multiple mutations, etc. please send the description of the mutation to the corresponding IDbase maintainer by email.

If your need further information concerning the submission procedure, please don't hesitate contact to IDbase maintainers.