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for T-cell immunodeficiency, congenital alopecia, and nail dystrophy
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PubMed ID

Mutation Numbering by reference sequence entry

Heterozygous Homozygous
Allele 1   Allele 2
Type    Type 
Start number  Required   Start number  Required
Reference seq    Reference seq 
Variant seq    Variant seq 


Background Original code  Family history 
Sex  (XY=male, XX=female) Age at onset  years
Country of origin  Ethnic group 
  Consanguinity No Yes Not known
Other affected family members? No Yes
If yes, phenotype (as compared to index case):
Clinical phenotype
Date diagnosis made Current situation: Alive Deceased
Date of death  Cause of death 
Site of infections:
Respiratory tract (specify):
Gastrointestinal tract (specify):
Skin (specify):
Other (specify):
Congenital alopecia: of scalp
  of eye brows
  of eye lashes
Nail dystrophy: leuconychia
  canaliform onychodystrophy
  Beau's line
Thymus (NMR):  
Other clinical features(specify):
(prior to BMT)

Hematological and immune situation (prior to BMT)

WBC Date x103/mm3
Lymphocyte Date x103/mm3
Anemia Date
Thrombocytopenia Date
Neutropenia Date


total CD3 Date /mm3
total CD4 Date /mm3
total CD4 CD45RA Date /mm3
total CD8 CD45RA Date /mm3
total CD4 CD45RO Date /mm3
total CD8 CD45RO Date /mm3
total CD19 Date /mm3
total CD56 Date /mm3
Lymphocyte proliferation (compared to controls):
       PHA date PwM date
anti-CD3 date  
T-cell activation markers:
CD3 CD25 upon stimulation date

- Constitutively increased

CD3 CD71 upon stimulation date
- Constitutively increased
CD3 HLADR upon stimulation date
- Constitutively increased
Immunoglobulins (closest to diagnosis): date
IgG mg/dl
compare with "normal for age"
IgM mg/dl
compare with "normal for age"
IgA mg/dl
compare with "normal for age"
 IgE kU/dl
compare with "normal for age"
Antibody responses:
Blood group Isoagglutinins: anti-A anti-B
anti-D/T: Date anti-HBsAg: Date
Other (specify):
Other (specify):
Autoantibodies towards:
Neutrophil Platelet Red blood cells
Other (specify):

Bone marrow transplantation:  No Yes, Date:
  Donor:   T-cell chimerism:
Source: full marrow   T-depleted    CD34+ cells:
Immunological reconstitution:
If persistent, CD4 CD45RA CD8 CD45RA
PHA response at 5 years post BMT

Other treatments (specify):


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