A benchmark database for variations

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1. Variation datasets affecting protein tolerance

ToolScores datasets

This Archive contains filtered versions of five publicly available benchmark datasets for pathogenicity prediction compiled by Grimm et Al.:

A description of the columns used in these datasets can be found here

Grimm, Dominik G., Azencott, ChloƩ-Agathe, Aicheler, Fabian, Gieraths, Udo, MacArthur, Daniel G., Samocha, Kaitlin E., Cooper, David N., Stenson, Peter D., Daly, Mark J., Smoller, Jordan W., Duncan, Laramie E., Borgwardt, Karsten M., 2015.
Evaluation of tools used to predict the impact of missense variants is hindered by two types of circularity.
Hum Mutat.doi:10.1002/humu.22768.   PUBMED