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Structure-based prediction of effects of missense variant on protein stability
Yang Yang*, Biao Chen*, Ge Tan, Mauno Vihinen, and Bairong Shen
Center for Systems Biology, Soochow University, 215006, China

  Prediction of Protein Stability Changes (PPSC) is based on M8 and M47 models developed to utilize 8 and 47 features, respectively, in a support vector machine optimized with experimental data. PPSC predicts the effect of protein variation stability. PPSC has four main panels: download PDB File, calculate contact energy (CE), train model, and predict stability change. As PPSC is trained with protein structures, PDB file has to be downloaded. The function of “calculate CE” is to calculate CE value, because CE value is one of the input attributes. The program can calculate effects for one or many variants by uploading a batch file. The results of the calculation are displayed as tables or image files. The function of “train model” can be used to train a new SVM model with user defined.

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