Since NCBI phased out the GI numbers, our service is not working properly anymore, and we are working on a solution.

PON-Sol predicts the effects of amino acid substitution on protein solubility. It is a machine learning-based method and utilizes amino acid features and evolutionary information. Please find the dataset for training PON-Sol here.

The method is described in more detail in PON-Sol: prediction of effects of amino acid substitutions on protein solubility.

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PON-Sol prediction

Upload your text file (filname.txt) in the format of one variation and protein gi number separated by a space in each line:

Format Example:
L723P   4502167
V717F   4502167

Since the predicting process requires some time, submiting more than 100 variations at one time is not suggested.

Email (Please provide your e-mail address to get the results when it is ready)