MIASM, Minimum Information About Somatic Mutation

A framework was developed for the collection of somatic variations to promote standards for annotations of somatic variation data, and to promote data integration with other data resources.
The recommendations were published in an article (Olivier et al., 2009) including Minimum Information About Somatic Mutation (MIASM).

These guidelines are targeted to researchers, clinicians, epidemiologists, database curators, bioinformaticians, journal editors, and funding bodies.

The MIASM criteria were updated by the original authors. In addition to the MIASM, several types of annotations are very useful for advanced data mining. These elements, with recommended standards for nomenclature, are listed, as well.

For the correct interpretation of cancer-specific variation patterns, a minimum set of information is needed, on the variation itself, the method of detection and the tumor sample. This basic information should be included in any report on cancer-related variations.

The MIASM contains the following components:

For further details see the table.

biosharing-logoMIASM is included in the Biosharing portal for biological standards, databases and policies.